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German industry association for fitness and health recommends air purification

German Industry Association for Fitness and Health recommends air purification in studios
Summary of the opinion of the TU Munich and the IST Hochschule Düsseldorf

Air purifier for fitness studios: carefree training with plasma technology

The Aernovir air purifier offers optimal conditions for unencumbered, safe training. The class I medical device enables professional disinfection of the air through so-called high-intensity plasma air purification (HPL).

With high levels of viruses and germs in closed rooms, the length of stay and physical activity increase the burden on the lungs and the respiratory tract and thus the risk of infection.

In addition to classic hygiene measures such as hand and surface disinfection, ensuring distance with avoidance of contact, access regulations and the traceability of the attendance times of the trainees, air cleaning also helps.

And this is how it works: With the so-called ‘high-intensity plasma air disinfection’, room air is first drawn in via a fan. The air then flows through a special plasma field at a precisely defined speed. The air is exposed to particle bombardment, which provides an antimicrobial effect and corresponding pyrogen inactivation.

Means: germs are destroyed, viruses are deactivated and the allergenic effects of pollen are defused. Another pleasant side effect: even odors are neutralized. The contamination of surfaces and thus the risk of viruses being passed on is considerably reduced.

Such effective arrangements create trust and can be an essential criterion for the preferred choice of EMS Studios. Because regardless of officially required or recommended infection control measures, it will be extremely important after the end of the corona shutdown to give the trainees a feeling of maximum safety and the best possible protection on site.

After all, these are protective measures for the training area, which are also used preventively in operating rooms of hospitals.